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Hope you enjoy my blogs. They are my perceptions and perspectives on spirituality, health and wellness, positive mental attitude, relationships, and intuition. These are based on my many interviews over the years as well as my own experiences.  I welcome your comments.

The Art of Pampering Ourselves

Pampering is an art and is often interpreted as an indulgence. Pampering takes many forms, but in its highest form, is an expression of self-love and nurturing. In order to give our best to others in our personal and professional lives, we have to take care of ourselves.

Patience, Faith and Confidence Pays

There are times when we are taking all the right steps and moving in the right direction, but are not reaching our goals in the time frame we desire. What discourages us is when we look at what is happening in the moment and judge that as the final result. We all want to see tangible results, but before results occur, we have to reach a certain point in the process.

Dealing With Negative Comments

Negative comments can hurt, especially when they are personal attacks and not constructive. I have heard many celebrities say that when they do not read the reviews or negative stories about them. One said that he knows when his work is good or not so good and that he values his own opinion.

How Teamwork Helps Us Win

Anyone who has been successful will say that they did not do it alone. We often forget the efforts of the team when we are focusing on what the person in the spotlight has achieved. In reality, none of us accomplish by ourselves. So many people contribute to our success – from the cab driver who brings us to important meeting to the board members in the room.

The Importance of Rest

We are busy doing, running, meeting our schedules and those of our families. The schedules often take over our day and before we know it, the day is done and we feel exhausted. So many times we do not stop until we have to. It isn’t until we get sick or have an accident that we pay attention.

How To Change Our “Self-Talk”

We all have intuition which can guide us when we listen. But we also have those old voices that give us messages that do not serve us anymore and in fact, hinder our progress. These are the voices that say, “You won’t get that, the money won’t come in, this person will not hear me, or my body can’t heal.” These are the fearful inner voices that temporarily overtake our positive movement.

Finding Passionate Purpose

In my book Pathfinding I write, "For many people, finding their purpose becomes a life-long search. Others seem to find it early on in their quest for selfhood... The path to our purpose is an inner path. Our purpose is not something we discover, it's something we uncover. Finding our purpose answers the question, "Why am I here?" ... "What path have I chosen?" and "Am I on the right path?"

Knowing When To Listen and When To Speak

We all hear and we all listen but there is a big difference between the two in quality and quantity. When we hear, we hear words. When we are not paying attention, we hear sound. If we look attentive, we can often get away with not listening, but listening gives us and the person we are talking to something far greater.

Spring Forward with Spring Cleaning

The saying goes that the car you drive tells a lot about you. I think that is also true of your home. You may not be the in the home of your dreams, but where you select to live and what you select to be in your home, certainly speaks to your choices and values.

The Creation of my "Pollination"

The term entrepreneur wasn't something I was raised to think about. I was given the gift of singing as a child. I became a teacher and guidance counselor. I never dreamed that one day I would use my voice and counseling skills as an independent radio broadcaster. I do believe that my drive and passion and energy, thirst for learning about people and focus comes from my genes.

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