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Public embraces Patricia Raskin Positive Living™ talk radio’s optimistic message; number of listeners quadruple in latest ratings period
Newport, RI (December 17, 2008) – Veteran positive media broadcaster and messenger, Patricia Raskin M.Ed., who hosts and produces a Positive Living™ radio talk show in Southern New England, is the voice of optimism and inspiration to a growing audience of listeners yearning for information on how to turn life’s challenges into solutions. The official ratings for the local show heard on 630WPRO AM and 99.7 FM have doubled and/or quadrupled across all demographic groups; particularly with women listeners. ...Read More
Friday, 27 August 2010 21:11

Natural Awakenings - Rhode Island

A native of West Hartford, Connecticut, Patricia Raskin started her career as a teacher and guidance counselor north of Boston. Passionate about spreading a positive message, she had an idea to do a show about positive living. When an opportunity in cable television presented itself, she jumped at the chance and started a show called “Positive People.” It was the beginning of a second career. That was 25 years ago, and Raskin is now considered a pioneer broadcaster and catalyst for making dreams come true through her renowned interviews with the “best of the best” motivational and self-improvement experts in the world.
Newport, Rhode Island (January 30, 2009) – With quadrupled ratings with her Southern New England audience, Patricia Raskin’s Positive Living™ radio talk show is expanding to two hours beginning Sunday, Feb. 1, on 630WPRO AM, 99.7 FM and online at Listeners are encouraged to tune in every Sunday from noon to 2 p.m. for the expanded format.
Friday, 09 January 2009 12:00


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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 22:11

Providence Journal

Newport Talk Radio Host Finding Her Voice Online Providence Journal

Feb. 22
by Richard Salit

NEWPORT showtime. Patricia Raskin pulls her laptop near and dons an operator-style headset, the kind with a microphone attached to earphones. Every Monday, she sits at this dining room table, all alone in her condo in a Newport triple decker, and talks about staying positive.

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 21:59

E. Greenwich Pendulum

Talk show host who accentuates the Positive has moved to East Greenwich

By Abby Fox

radiolady2To Patricia Raskin, a newly-arrived East Greenwich resident with her own radio show, “Patricia Raskin Positive Living,” a Johnny Mercer song from the 1940s such as “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative” isn’t just an old slogan; it’s her raison d’être, the very force behind her interviews with celebrities.

From the kitchen of her townhouse off Post Road, Raskin interviews several celebrities and authors a week, on topics such as self-improvement, health, nutrition and spirituality. She “latches on to the affirmative,” to quote Mercer, on several radio stations: 630 WPRO, the same station other East Greenwich residents such as Robin Kall and John DePetro talk on, and she’s also on the Internet:, and She’s worked at Voice America for eight years and WPRO for nearly two.

Monday, Raskin had an “exciting” line-up, as she put it: an interview with Mariel Hemingway about her new book, “Mariel’s Kitchen”; Nicholas Sparks, famous author of “The Notebook” and “Message in a Bottle,” about his new book, “The Last Song”; and Paul Balelo, vice president for Faith & Family Entertainment.

Raskin, who talks and walks with a frenetic energy, said her favorite interview subjects are “people who have overcome great obstacles, people who talk about happiness.” Her angle, she said, is “How to turn obstacles into opportunities, problems into solutions, and find the light at the end of the tunnel. I get sad, I get scared, but I try to see the something I’m working toward,” and to that end, she seeks out “people who make their lives work.” Her favorite interviewee has been the actress Jane Seymour. “She’s a Renaissance woman, she’s overcome a lot of odds, and always stayed positive,” she said.
I asked Raskin, formerly a school guidance counselor in Massachusetts, where she’s from, if it was difficult learning how to get used to radio and interviewing people. I asked her how she went about finding interview guests who fit her “Positive Living” brand. To both, she said no problem – must be that positive thinking.
“I get 15 to 20 emails a day,” she said. “They come to me. I could be on the air 24/7.” Her career as an independent broadcaster specializing in “positivity” is something she’s been doing since 1982, she said, and in various forms besides radio: she’s done documentaries and shows on TV, too, when she lived in North Carolina and Massachusetts. “I’m a natural,” she said. “I come from a musically talented family. Music and performance was part of my background; I didn’t know anything else. As a child, I thought I’d be a singer.”

Check out Raskin’s web site,, and you’ll see her title: “The Powerhouse and Pollinator of Positive Living Radio,” with honey bees everywhere. There’s a bee in some decorative form in virtually every room of her home. So: why the bees?
“I pollinate the air waves,” she said. “I draw nectar from guests and I spread it; I get the word out. And I work like a bee.” The symbol of a bee came to her during a “visualization” exercise during a professional workshop, she said, and she’s stuck with them ever since.
Positive thinking may sound light and breezy, but to Raskin, it’s serious business. Her interviews aren’t silly or jokey; she stays on point and doesn’t get sidetracked with humorous asides or random stories or the day’s news: it’s just her and her guest, with frequent questions from Raskin, until it’s time to sign off, with a “’Bye for now.” On Monday, for example, she ended every interview asking the person what his or her “message” was. And invariably, to close the show, her tag line is: “Stay healthy, stay happy, get the support you need, and know you can make your dreams come true.”
Raskin moved from Morehead City, North Carolina to Rhode Island at the end of 2007 to be closer to her brother, Russell, and his eight children, in Providence, and also to her father, who’s 93 and living in assisted living in Warwick. She moved to East Greenwich from Newport a couple of weeks ago, she said, because she found it too isolating and far from family. “East Greenwich is more central for me,” she said. Her other main family member, daughter Laura Shmishkiss, lives in New York.

As Raskin is new to East Greenwich and the area, she said, she’s eager to meet people. “I really love the work and want to keep doing it,” she said. “The challenge is finding the sponsors.” Raskin said she also works in training, consulting and event planning, but her first love is “pollinating” the air by being positive. “This is my passion,” she said. “I’m looking for partners and alliances on a bigger scale, because the masses need to hear this.” Raskin can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ASPS Circle of Excellence Media Award for WTKF's "Plastic Surgery Today"

ASPS Circle of Excellence Media Award

Patricia Raskin ASPS Circle of Excellence Media AwardPatricia Raskin, producer and host of WTKF's "Plastic Surgery" received the 2001 Circle of Excellence Media Award in the radio category from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons on November 4 at the annual scientific meeting in Orlando.

Raskin participated in a media panel with four award winner present to discuss how plastic surgeons can be a resource regarding the specialty to the media and examined what broadcasters and print reporters look for when covering plastic surgery stories. Each of the winners received a crystal Circle of Excellence Award.

The Circle of Excellence Media Awards, sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the world’s largest organization of plastic surgeons, recognize the work of journalists who have shown initiative and determination in their reporting of the specialty of plastic surgery. Judging for this award was based on four criteria: creativity and substance of the story, quality of writing and presentation, clarity of message, and educational benefit to the public. Entries were judged by a panel of plastic surgeons and communications professionals.

“Plastic Surgery Today” debuted on WTKF, 107.3  Valentine’s Day 2000

Raskin, producer of “Plastic Surgery Today,”  said of the program with Dr. Goldwyn, “I’ve been hosting and producing media programs that focus on positive people, positive living and positive aging for the past 25 years. My radio program "Positive Living" focuses on many aspects of what Dr. Goldwyn addressed in his interview...It was fascinating to see that the concepts and philosophy presented in this particular program that won the award, are so deeply imbedded in my consciousness and my work  and that this could have been an interview on my program. The premise behind all of my media programs is exemplified in this interview, which was a wonderful testimonial to the power of this work...”

Tuesday, 29 June 2010 20:44

Success, Your Dream and You

A Guide To Personal Marketing
by Patricia J. Raskin, M.Ed

Book1Utilizing her own unique QPN Model system, Raskin discusses her concept of win-win through matching her qualities and goals to her client needs - thereby creating a winning situation for both parties. Focusing on five P's for success: Purpose, Passion, Planning, Persistence and Patience, she lists and discusses the integral standards to becoming successful in business: intuition, trust, receptivity, listening skills, the ability to focus on priorities, purposes and goals as they relate to time management and leverage. Raskin not only suggests available physical and mental abilities we all have at our disposal, but media contacts and outside tools which can also be utilized to achieve personal accomplishments.

Monday, 30 March 2009 05:00

Creating Work Life Balance

Here's the scenario: It's been a tough day at work with lots of demands from colleagues, clients, and customers, most of which remain unmet by the end of the day. You come home exhausted, frustrated, and cranky. You are met by your family excited to see you and want to talk to you. You are "spent" and burned-out. What to do?
Monday, 04 January 2010 05:00

The Risk and Rewards of Change

After 15 years of life on the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina, I have been back in New England for one year. I left the place I loved for two reasons; to be nearer my family and for professional opportunities.
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