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Presentation Topics

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Coming of Age: Creating New Work Frontiers After 50

People over 50 have a wealth of work and life experience to bring to a job including: high motivation, loyalty, experience and wisdom. However in looking to re-enter the workplace or start your own business you need to know what it takes to thrive in today’s business environment. In this workshop Patricia will offer 50+ individuals training that confronts myths about older workers, and empowers them to use their knowledge, expertise, and skills to become business owners and job creators. This workshop will help you to: identify your strengths, explore new options, create a planning concept, and work with others to share ideas and get new ones.

“How to Become a Guest on a Radio or Television Show”

Patricia Raskin will tell you how to attract media opportunities and be an entertaining and sought-after guest. Also, she will explore the techniques and benefits of hosting your own media program. You will learn how to ~ explain what you do in three to five sentences ~ prepare for an interview ~ effectively get your message across during the show ~ host your own media program.

“No Cost/Low Cost Marketing Techniques”

Patricia Raskin will tell you how to attract and maintain your client base through relationship building, networking and promotion. You will be learn how to ~ effectively promote your work through word-of-mouth~ explain what you do in three to five sentences ~effectively communicate to clients how you will meet their needs~ identify and explore media opportunities

“Getting Positive Results in Challenging Times”

Patricia Raskin will tell you how to define and use the components of positive living in your work to attract and maintain clients. You will learn how to ~attract clients by being authentic~ use the power of the positive perspective, ~ heighten your awareness to achieve balance in your life ~ seven principles for positive living ~strengthen and use your internal resources to adjust to life’s changes and challenges

"7 Principles for Positive Living"

Positive Living is a choice, not a birthright. We have the opportunity to create positive experiences in our lives while working through life's challenges. In Patricia's keynote talks, she draws from experts in her media programs, inspirational stories and her own life to introduce seven principles for positive living which will inspire you to honor your heritage, enjoy the precious present, use your imperfections to perfect your life, uncover your own innate abilities and talents, surround yourself with positives, respect, nurture and protect your relationships, and see miracles every day.

"Positive Living from the Inside Out"

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We all understand and enjoy the benefits of our external accomplishments. When we add the dimension of internal achievements, we move to a deeper level where we can tap into our innate gifts. By finding and strengthening our intrinsic resources, we’re better able to make the right choices when life’s inevitable changes and challenges occur. In this workshop, we will explore the components of positive living as we define them uniquely for ourselves, the power of the positive perspective, how to heighten our awareness to achieve balance in our lives, and the quality of life we desire.

"Positive Aging"

In this talk, Patricia Raskin will discuss several perspectives of positive aging in from current literature and statistics and will incorporate seven principles to balance our life and age with grace as well as gusto. Participants will examine their own self-care techniques as they age and learn ways to enhance the quality of their lives.


"Stress Management and Burn-Out Prevention"

In this workshop, we discuss symptoms of burnout and ways to deal with them. After a didactic introduction, the group will identify the five most salient areas of stress and burnout using a confidential generic questionnaire. Though facilitated group interaction, discussion and problem-solving, participants will develop solutions to issues raised in their group. A summary of all the assessments will be shared in the large group for final discussion.

"Coping With Difficult People"

If you deal with difficult people in your life, this workshop will help you to understand how they think, why they do what they do, and specifically what you can do to be less of a target for the difficult people in your life. You will learn how to derail problem people, how to bring out the best in them, while being treated with respect.


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